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Unlock your sales potential, by making your Shopify store load at rapid-fire speeds that land you more sales.

"A 0.1s improvement of your mobile site speed can increase your conversion rates by 8.4%."

The fact of the matter is, the need for speed is real. Your Shopify store needs to be lightning-fast to deliver the best possible user experience. And the challenge is, the speed optimisation process never stops, meaning you need an expert to be on the ball for you at all times.

Luckily, that’s exactly what we live and breathe for.

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What's your Shopify Store Speed?

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Fast Loading Shopify Store

Don’t be left in the dust as your competitors continue to improve their store performance.

Customer Trust

Build customer trust with a fast, reliable checkout experience that builds trust with your brand.

Loyal Customers

Welcome repeat customers, 
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Increased Conversions

Land more sales and eliminate 
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Google preferences on speed.
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Exceptional Support

Quick turnaround and ongoing 
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with Shopify Speed Optimisation

Stores backed by outstanding speeds are more likely to convert and land more sales. 
Increase customer interaction by a minimum 5.2%This will increase the customer engagement by at least 5.2%.

Total clicks



Total impressions



Average CTR



Average position



Speed influences mobile conversion rates.

Site speed has a massive impact on customer engagement, your conversions and, as a result, your bottom line.

In fact, Google’s very own performance data indicates even the tiniest change in speed increase and page load time can spike customer interaction and focus.

Load Time
User Impact
0 to 16ms
Users are very savvy when it comes to tracking motion, but they also dislike it when animations don’t provide a smooth experience. Animations are considered smooth as long as 60 new frames refresh every second. That equates to 16ms per frame – including how long it takes for the browser to create the new frame and relay it to the screen. This leaves an app around 10ms to create a frame overall.
0 to 100ms
By responding to user actions in this time frame, users feel like they are being given an ‘immediate’ response. Any longer than that and you risk the connection between action and reaction.
100 to 300ms
Users experience a tiny perceptible speed delay.
300 to 1000ms
In this time frame, things start to feel like a natural and fluid movement of tasks. Loading pages and shifting views all represent a task, for a majority of users
1000ms or more
After 1000ms (one second), users forget their focus on the task they are trying to perform.
10000ms or more
After 10000 (ten seconds), users become frustrated and are most likely to leave the task. They may or may not revisit.

The study pointed that site speed will impact customer engagement, conversions and ultimately a brand's bottom line.

Investing in site speed is the key to a brand success online.







I am less likely to make a purchase

I am less likely to return to this website

Won’t make a difference to me

I am less likely to tell a friend

Unbounce Speed Impact Report

Customers aren’t the only ones who hate slow speeds

Beyond customers, Google penalises slow websites, which can be extremely hard to come back from. The engine’s algorithm is designed to drop the rankings of stores that don’t offer a quality user experience, and speed is a big part of that.

The good news is that store speed can be fixed, typically in a one-off solution. But you need an expert that knows how to do it all correctly to carry this out or risk the integrity of your site overall.

Even if you think you can get around these changes, you can’t. You NEED to update your Shopify store speed to be the best it can, in order to avoid trouble later down the track.

Total clicks



Total impressions



Average CTR



Average position



So how is your Shopify store speed tracking?

If you’re not sure what your page load speeds are like, here are a few handy links to get you started:

Slow Store? We can Help!

Our purpose is to assist Shopify merchants wherever possible to enhance their performance from every angle – speed included. If you want your site to get the best possible results in the market, you need to get ahead of your competition. And that starts with Shopify speed optimisation.